Use Facebook and Instagram ads for brand awareness

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Use Facebook and Instagram ads for brand awareness

Alt Marketing School

​At Alt Marketing School, we are committed to exploring different points of view, experimenting with new ideas, embracing being beginners, and connecting with purpose. 

Alt Marketing Sprints are an opportunity to learn a new skill in a safe environment from incredible experts.

​Combining the reach of social media with the power of email marketing, you have a perfect formula for building an engaged community of loyal advocates and super fans.

​With a massive pool of active users, Facebook and Instagram can be an alternative source of collecting email addresses and growing your insider community. 

You will walk away knowing the following the end of the session:

  • ​Why you should start turning your followers into loyal subscribers
  • ​How to harness powerful paid strategies via social media
  • ​Practices to build an even deeper relationship with your followers
  • ​Dos and dont’s of using paid ads to grow your email list
  • ​What to do when it’s not working
  • ​The next steps to take once new subscribers start flocking to your list

Sprint brought to you by Nick Edwards from Feed

​Feed makes it effortless to run Facebook & Instagram ads that grow your audience & business online. Wave goodbye to hours wasted in Ads Manager!

​Their algorithm has a unique focus on promoting organic content, figuring out which posts work best and amplifying your natural, authentic voice to get the best results on social media

So whether you're after more Instagram followers, trying to grow a mailing list or selling products on your online store - Feed will use the best of your organic content to get you there.

​You simply connect Feed to Facebook & Instagram, set an objective & budget and Feed takes care of the rest.

I want this!

You'll get access to our 1-hour workshop with action steps and more

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