Short form video marketing for personal brands

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Short form video marketing for personal brands

Alt Marketing School

​At Alt Marketing School, we are committed to exploring different points of view, experimenting with new ideas, embracing being beginners, and connecting with purpose. 

Alt Marketing Sprints are an opportunity to learn a new skill in a safe environment from incredible experts.

The future of social media is videos and short form videos is the secret to building an authentic personal brand in less time.

If you are a newbie looking to build a video presence to secure opportunities, or start a side hustle, this session will help you with clarity of niche, video creation processes , tools, systems and more importantly will help build the right mindset and video confidence you need to get started.

Attendees will walk away knowing the following the end of the session:

  • Getting clarity of your niche as a personal brand
  • Understanding short form video culture & meme mentality
  • How to create videos that get people talking
  • Video Prompts, Content Calendar templates, scripts
  • And lots of fun hands-on activities

Sprint brought to you by Preeti Pooja

​I am Preeti Pooja, a Personal Branding Video Coach, and the Head of Social at Amplify, a creative studio in London, that works with leading businesses around the world, I've come to believe that brands are only as powerful as the connection they evoke in their audience.

I have worked with diverse entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, and creators to build personal brands that help them grow their influence and impact. My clients have grown thousands of followers and racking up millions of views on their Tiktoks after taking my course. I have delivered this workshops previously at International Trade Centre, United Nations, Empower Amsterdam, Authentic Days NL, Livity UK etc..

I want this!

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